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A young woman talking on the radio

Ever wondered how music from parties or radio gets made? Sonic Brew celebrates the musical creations of 7 talented beings who embarked on a 6 month journey to create their own songs on music software Ableton. Take a deeper look at their creative process and how they mixed sounds to create compositions. The night will be capped off with an organic psychedelic dance party by some freaking sick artists



Andre Marc

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Asfak MP


Callum Fitzhardinge


Cindy Chilli

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Matthieu Chapeleau

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Raj Kamal

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Yustynn Panicker



Psydub & Psytech

Tiabeanie is a multi genre wizard that plays variety of minimal, house, tech-house, techno, psytech and psytrance. She begun her DJ career in New Zealand and quickly found herself playing various gigs and festivals, carving her way in the New Zealand underground scene, where she made a name for herself and unique style. This is also where she found her passion for Trance music at festivals such as AUM, Spectrum and Circutopia. Now based in Singapore, she is taking the dance floors around Asia by storm. Keep your eyes out for this chica as she will certainly get your feet moving, heart pumping and booty bumping with her groovy tunes.

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Organic Live

With roots in psychedelic rock, Cruise Chen plays a unique style of psychedelic music that has a heavy emphasis on improvisation and expression. Blending an intense fusion of psychedelic trance, Hindustani music and stoner rock, Cruise creates live sets with the main focus of using sound to create heightened states of consciousness and trance states within listeners from every culture and background. ​ Cruise has played on the streets and at festivals in Singapore, Australia, Israel and India

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Afro Latin Funk 

DJ and co-founder of Sinaporean collective Sivilian Affairs, Miss Lil has become a fixture in the booming dance scene of the red dot. Miss Lil’s selections feature all shades of house, techno and club sounds with a laser focus on sonics rooted in dance-inducing rhythms. Past performances include AAJA radio in London, Rex and Concubine in Kuala Lumpur, as well across Sinapore at Kilo, Kult Kafe and Choice Cuts.

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Psy Prog

Andre Marc is a DJ and up-and-coming  producer known for his transgressive approach to electronic music. With a strong focus on progressive, dark, psy, and techno, his sets are a bass-heavy trip through the underground world of sound, infused with hypnotic melodies and booty-shaking grooves. 

As a co-founder of CIEL, Andre has played a key role in curating some of Singapore's most exciting house and techno events that are centred on bringing forth festival-like experiences and top-quality audio-visual performances to the city. In addition to his work with CIEL, Andre has also played at popular events such as Manifest in Singapore and Banana Mama in Vietnam.






1 Selegie road #02-01


Grid building level 2, S188306



Dancing in the Mist

Wednesday 1 February​


Each ticket comes with 1 can of Heineken Silver beer


$10 Showcase (7.30 pm - 10 pm)

$ 20 Dance Party (10 pm - 2 am)

$ 20 Dance party + Showcase (7.30 pm - 2 am)

Tickets are transferrable but not refundable


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