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Ever wondered how music gets created? Sonic Brew 2 celebrates the musical creations talented beings who embarked on a 6 month journey to create their own songs. Take a deeper look at their creative process to create compositions using music software Ableton & Logic Pro.

This is an interactive musical talk show hosted by music producer Rupak George from Mantravine. The audience will be encouraged to share their opinions and there will be some scintillating guest performances.

There will be a limited supply of free beer so come early to get a tasty can of Heineken silver beer sponsored by Heineken

20% of all ticket sales will go towards supporting the Israel and Palestine peace efforts done by the Singapore red cross



Kahmy Kaye

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Melissa Selvearajoo


Mikki Soriano



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Chewy & Russ


Not strangers anymore. Two neighbours bond over music and unexpectedly fashioned 9 songs. Chewy and Russ are a 2 piece acoustic duo singing about all the different feelings that get entangled when love gets confusing.

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Raj Kamal

The man behind The Lucid Umbrella, an educational entity, Raj Kamal, believes in the integration of arts, sciences, music, math, and technology in education. 

His music journey primarily involves the electric guitar, where Raj explores exotic musical scales, collaborating with local visual artists to craft experimental and abstract sounds for art themes. He has also performed live electric guitar music at art exhibitions like Primordial Patterns and Chromatic Impulses in 2023.     
Continuing his musical exploration, Raj has delved into music production, exploring genres like techno and darksynth, with a recent emphasis on integrating music production with live digital midi guitar improvisation.

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Miki and Nick

ΛM (aka Aaron Michael) is a rising figure in the techno music scene. An enthusiastic nomad from the Philippines and Singapore. While on a military excursion to Taiwan, he discovered his love for techno while exploring the wide-ranging and vibrant underground music scene. Over the years he became fascinated with the darker minimal sound, ghetto house, and the more emotional melodic and ambient sounds.


From playing techno at after parties in Singapore, he progressed to gigs in clubs like Tempura Oji, Monarchy, and later at more events as part of the Singapore KRATE crew.


While in Europe, he performed alongside Erwin Linden for a Krate showcase at the Amsterdam Dance Event 2021. Back in Asia, he resides and plays at some of the best events and venues in both Singapore (DoMeKinky, Manifest, Krate, Krio), in Koh Phangan, Thailand (Lost Paradise, Oxa, Light House, Barcelona, Alpha Bar, Panorama Bar and Cult) and at Ohm Anjuna in Goa. Sharing the stage with known artists from across the globe like, Citizen Kain, Matchy, Matan Caspi and Stan Kolev.



Mantravine is a tribe of sonic alchemists mixing neo-shamanic rhythms with world music, live instruments and psychedelic dance grooves. They evoke a primal dancing spirit with medicinal vocals, electrifying guitar, funky horns and organic frequencies.


They’ve played festivals and events in Germany (Evolution, Kepotopia, Gaggalacka), Thailand (Wonderfruit), Italy (Casacon, La Fonderia), New Zealand (Luminate & Twisted Frequency), Netherlands (Shiokfest, Toekomstmuziek, Zoku, Parck, Supermercator, Mahara) Sri Lanka (Atman), Hawaii (Phoenix), France (Nataraja, Ancient Sight), Japan (One Music Camp, World Beer Summit), Indonesia (Burning Island Festival), Malaysia (Asean Puppetry Exchange), Australia (Dragon Dreaming), Singapore (Sunda Festival, Kalaa Utsavam, Neon Lights, Singapore Writers Festival, Night Festival, Singapore Grand Prix F1, Soulscape), Serbia & Montenegro and many more.



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Mortar & Pestle

269 South bridge Rd, Level 4, 058818

Nearest MRTs are Chinatown, Telok Ayer & Maxwell

Gorgeous open air rooftop space in Chinatown


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Wednesday 7 February​

$ 10 Early • $ 15 Reg

Tickets are transferrable but not refundable


20% of ticket goes to support Israel & Palestine peace efforts


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  • Why did you join this masterclass?

  • What is the concept of your song?

  • Why did you choose these instruments?

  • Who has inspired or influenced your musical journey? 

  • If you had a dream for this song, what would you like to achieve?

  • How long did it take for you to complete this song?

  • If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

  • What were your biggest challenges for song writing?

  • What are the biggest joys of writing a song?

  • What are your favourite types of sounds?


white mortar girls_beat mystique.jpg

Speak to a stranger about

An unforgettable musical experience


white mortar girls_beat mystique.jpg

Speak to a stranger about

If you created a song what would be in there?


white mortar girls_beat mystique.jpg

Speak to a stranger about

One artist you could go out for dinner with and why?


white mortar girls_beat mystique.jpg

Speak to a stranger about

What musical gift you would gift someone you love?



white mortar girls_beat mystique.jpg

Speak to a stranger about

What would you put in a music room if you could build one?

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