We're converting the gallery into a chill lounge serving tasty collaborations from transformational artists and raising funds to support "The Soup Kitchen Project." They provide free meals to families of low income on Mondays.


Enjoy a night of groovy bass music with live violin, guitar, vocals, trombone, synthesizers, wonky effects, wobbly sine waves and erratic diddly doodly sounds by Mantravine.

5 crazy artists from Singapore and New Zealand ignite a match to light a rare concoction of psychedelic music and spoken word poetry lead by the incredible Deborah Emmanuel. Interact with the musicians, play funny games and bring your dancing shoes to enjoy an unforgettable night of connection, intimacy and laughter at the legendary Roots bar. 

Mantravine and Intermission Bar unify galactically groovy dance music with live instruments. Beware that this music is not commercial, relies on twisted frequencies, psychedelic bass and will only happen once. Get a free online ticket so we can share some sonic gold with you.


5 crazy artists ignite a match to light a rare concoction of psychedelic music and spoken word from 5 to 8 pm on Sunday 9 Dec. 

A night of quality underground music with psychedelic visuals and wonderful humans to support an Indonesian organisation called "Kopernik." They are helping families affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Palu and Donggala by connecting them with food, water filtration equipment, solar lighting, shelter kits and other basic supplies.

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