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Tiabeanie, Mantravine and RPDM unite at Bisoux to melt tribal dance music with live instruments. Beware that the music is not commercial, can cause primitive dance moves and invoke intense feelings of positive vibrations. Magic visuals by Jaymi McManus. Tribal Freqs is brought to you by Manifest and Chill Sessions Records


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Tiabeanie is a multi genre wizard that plays variety of minimal, house, tech-house, techno, psytech and psytrance. She begun her DJ career in New Zealand and quickly found herself playing various gigs and festivals, carving her way in the New Zealand underground scene, where she made a name for herself and unique style. This is also where she found her passion for Trance music at festivals such as AUM, Spectrum and Circutopia. Now based in Singapore, she is taking the dance floors around Asia by storm. Keep your eyes out for this chica as she will certainly get your feet moving, heart pumping and booty bumping with her groovy tunes.


A trio of sonic alchemists mixing neo-shamanic rhythms with world music, live instruments and psychedelic dance grooves. They evoke a primal dancing spirit with ancient mantras, electrifying guitar, funky horns and organic frequencies.


Their music has reached audiences at festivals and events in Thailand (Wonderfruit), Luminate & Twisted Frequency (New Zealand), Atman (Sri Lanka), Phoenix (Hawaii), Gaggalacka (Germany), Nataraja (France), One Music Camp & World Beer Summit (Japan), Dragon Dreaming (Australia), Neon Lights, Singapore Grand Prix F1 (Singapore) and many more.

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Groove and soul, exploring the cosmos of melody with foundations of a percussionist and a heart of a Dancer. RPDM brings a curated sound chasing after synergy between soulful frequencies with a backdrop of groove and shakes that would make you swoon just as much as it would make you dance. Exploring into various sounds such as House, Deep House, Progressive House, Techno, and Afro; RPDM enjoys marrying all these different sounds together to bring you on a musical journey everytime he gets behind the decks. RPDM was the brain behind Manifests Groove Garden series and the resident DJ currently at Potato Head Singapore. 

Follow rpdm_xo on Instagram for latest updates on upcoming gigs.





1 Selegie road #02-01


Grid building level 2, S188306



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