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We live in such an intense consumer society and so much waste is produced. This page will give you simple and effective ideas to adopt sustainable green habits for everyday living.


DID YOU KNOW that Singapore has Ewaste recycling bins in many places (probably close to where you live, work or pass everyday)? This means all your old unused / useless cables, phones, printers, old laptops, lithium batteries can be reused rather than garbaged.


Change the habit of taking plastic bags and you will change consumption. Straightforward and simple just REFUSE PLASTIC BAGS. Make it a point to shop with your own bags or to not shop if you forgot to bring a bag. It's not a punishment if you forget but a gentle reminder that your habit needs more training.

What about garbage? Did you know Fairprice sells eco friendly garbage bags.


Mr Toh Recycling.jpg
Loom Live at Roots Bar.jpg

Found a lovely recycling uncle Mr Toh to pass 1 microwave, 1 oven, 1 portable fan cooler and 1 portable aircon for $80. I paid him.

He takes the item apart to look for spare parts or if none are there the items go to a metal scrap centre.


Call to get help for non working or unused items at home - 97520970


waste removed from east coast park beach

Contact Skye Yeo to find out when is the next beach clean up at - 96552644


okb plants.jpg

The One Kind Block is the world's first LEGO-like hydroponic unit designed to make cities fertile. It adapts to your apartment and lets you grow your favourite veggies on your windows, balconies, walls and corridors!

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