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Get up close and personal with forward-thinking eclectic artists from the region. Enjoy special musical performances combined with mindbending psychedelic visuals and find out what makes artists tick by going backstage as they share:


  • Creative process and challenges

  • Attaining sustainability

  • What excites them about the future 

  • Answers to burning questions 


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BACKSTAGE premieres Wednesday ft AnnaMatronic (Under the Bridge), Zac Mirza (MatBeng Rejeks), Isuru Wijesoma (Mantravine), and Beatnaut (Lanta Sound Ensemble), dragged all the way from Koh Lanta for a rare appearance in the jungles of Kult Kafé. Psychedelic visuals by Jaymi McManus.


With her roots firmly set in the UK free party scene, from London Bridge raves to Manchester squat parties, AnnaMatronic delivers a sound clash of eclectic beats & genres designed to get you on the dancefloor and keep you there. She is the co-founder of Singapore's notorious Under the Bridge parties, a not-for-profit series of underground art & music events, which for almost a decade have been providing DJs, musicians, visual and performance artists with a love-fuelled platform to express themselves in an inclusive festival-style environment.


Turkish alchemist Beatnaut is all about fusing sounds and styles across time and space. As a DJ, he bridges the worlds of organic, analog style psychedelia and modern electronic digital music. As the founding member of Lanta Sound Ensemble, he brings together musicians and DJ's to create intimate and nonscripted experiences born and lived only in the moment.

He has performed multiple times for Chill Sessions Records and Under The Bridge during his time in Singapore and now lives in Koh Lanta, Thailand.

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Zac Mirza is an entertainer, bartender, and musician. He understands that presenting something great involves simplicity, freshness, and technique. Consistently.

That doesn’t really apply to his drumming however. He’s very enthusiastic, with too many fills and rolls but why not? Let go when you can.

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Isuru is a guitarist and session musician influenced by blues, jazz, rock and Indian classical music. He is an exponent of Hindustani and Canartic slide guitar mentored by the Grammy nominated Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya and Guru Lazar Thurakkal Sebastine. Isuru has shared the stage with renowned Singaporean and international artists in numerous live and televised performances.


Jaymi is a Singapore-based new media artist experienced in stage and set design, projection mapping, live visuals and lasers. Having dedicated over seven years and more into collaborations with musicians, promoters, brands and local art institutions, he is also a massive advocate and supporter of his local nightlife and entertainment scene. Catch him @jaymimcm

Photo credit: Colossal 

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Hosted by musical doodle puff Rupak George of Mantravine




01-19B, 200 TURF CLUB ROAD

Drinks and cocktails served by Kult Kafe. Strictly no outside drinks allowed. Thanks for supporting the venue


No food will be available at Kult so you can bring your own food or order from outside. Bringing outside food is not a regular possibility at Kult but an exception will be made for Wed 21 Sept. If you can, be sustainable by bringing your own containers and cutlery





7.30 PM - Beatnaut

9.00 PM - Zac Mirza ft Isuru

10.00 PM - AnnaMatronic

11.00 PM - Discussion


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