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Join XUE, Cruise Chen and Mantravine for a special night of music and movement to activate the body! XUE will introduce a guided session of butoh relaxation techniques followed by a free movement session at The Glass Hut, with beats by Mantravine and Cruise Chen on guitar!


Immerse yourself in a night of unwinding, undoing and unraveling of the body, connect to a sense of freedom and wholeness!


No movement experience required! 





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Xue is a performance artist and butoh practitioner currently based in Singapore. Their dance celebrates the precarity of a body in flux. Through butoh, their body becomes a channel for temporal realities, embodying a fluid yet unyielding process of becoming and unbecoming; form and formlessness.


As a butoh dancer, Xue has exhibited butoh work for The Online New York Butoh Institute Festival (2020) and was one of the featured artists of the Online Queer Butoh Festival (2021) presented by Vangeline Theater/ New York Butoh Institute and is slated to performed at the Queer Butoh Festival (2022) in NYC this summer.

Image credit @moonpiercer

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With roots in psychedelic rock, Cruise Chen plays a unique style of psychedelic music that has a heavy emphasis on improvisation and expression. Blending an intense fusion of psychedelic trance, Hindustani music and stoner rock, Cruise creates live sets with the main focus of using sound to create heightened states of consciousness and trance states within listeners from every culture and background.

Cruise has played on the streets and at festivals in Singapore, Australia, Israel and India

Rupak George is the music producer behind Mantravine. Expect a unique selection of healing frequencies, organic beats, nature sounds, Mayan flutes, handpans, polyrhythms, tribal percussions and so much more.

Mantravine has played major events and international festivals in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Hawaii, Germany, Indonesia, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. 



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195 Pearl's Hill Terrace


01-39 A, Singapore 168976



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