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Interview With Ramesh Krishnan

1. Tell us about your new festival "Tropika"


The idea has been brewing for awhile actually, since about 2015. Past experiences relating to work, life and love lead me to want to do something meaningful. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to get people together to enjoy good music, art and talks whilst promoting a healthy and sustainable way of life?  

Tropika is a homegrown brand focused on global music, art and film that aims to connect socially conscious individuals. Through curated events centered around the themes of inclusivity, sustainability and wellness, Tropika hopes to spark conversation and actions amongst attendees.

2. Where, when and tickets?

For our first edition, we are throwing an outdoor party within the lush greenery of Fort Canning Park on December 2, 2018. Keeping to the park’s natural environs, attendees will be treated to a diverse array of musicians, wholesome food as well as inspiring panel discussions at Fort Gate.

Tickets are SGD $ 35, including one drink on Peatix.

Tropika .png
Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 2.05.16 PM.png

3. Loved your Groove Lounge set at Chill Sessions. How was the jam on Club St at Caffe B for you?

I always love collaborating and especially jamming with live musicians in an impromptu setting. I had fun musically!

4. You have been a monumental music enthusiast in Singapore. How do you think the music scene here has evolved over this year alone? 

2018 has seen a rise of cool parties in unexpected spaces. It is interesting that the scene is not only limited to e.g. the usual club setting. The downside is that there are fewer venues for live music. It seems like there is a constant struggle that venues have had to reinvent or close down.

5. Any recommendations about where to go to listen or play music?

Go out and listen to your local bands and djs. Travel and get inspired by experiences. Keep an open mind and don’t only stick to what is known and comfortable – there is always something interesting available if you just head out and give new things a go.


Check out Artifacts, 1st Friday of every month hosted by Funk Bast*rd and myself and Beat Root Sound.

6. What musical plans for the year ahead?

Tropika! More events to organize and programs to curate and hopefully more time in the studio. I am always on the search and enticed with what surrounds me aurally and visually. As an example I recently stumbled upon Shengnan Hu, an amazing percussionist from China. I’m very excited about the lead up to Tropika.

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