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Slick Downtempo with Ambient Energy

We interview sonic mastermind Bren Dondoet from Free Earth Records to find out more about his musical journey.

1. Loved your slick set at the last Chill Sessions. What is one of your most favourite songs in the world?  

Good afternoon! Thanks for having me on the set for Chill Sessions. One of my favourite songs is titled, Bicycle Day, by the artist known as - Deep In Mind. Released in 2014. These guys are relatively unheard of, but it feels like there is a massive story to the track. Especially the way it builds in ambience and melancholy. Feels like a timeless one for me, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Check it out here.

2. We understand your the brain behind record label Free Earth Records. Can you tell us more and about the origins of the label and where it is at today? 

Free Earth started as an events collective back in 2012, with the intention to serve as a platform for alternative and upcoming acts. It wasn't until 2018 where it was decided that we could serve this purpose better as a label. So, yes I am taking the initiative but all this would not be here without the support of my mates.

To date, we have various DJs & artists playing at all kinds of events, both local & abroad. None of them are exclusively signed to Free Earth Records. And that means we have the freedom to support any other entity or musical style.

3. Heard you guys are organising a killer party this friday at Great Escape. Can you tell us when it starts, who is on the line up and what to expect?  

Our next event is on the 20th of July (Friday). Starting at sunset, till late - from 7pm to 3am. You can expect a wide range of sub-genres - Downtempo, Glitch, Progressive, Psy. Catered by our homegrown acts, mixed with guest appearances from other labels & collectives. Click the image below to join the event page.

4. How are things with Ambient Energy progressing? Any performances coming up for the year ahead that we should look out for?  

Recently, I've been more focused on two things. Sound production is one, let's see where that goes. Am also inspired by Hans Zimmer, for his work on Time as well as S.T.A.Y. Both are original sound tracks from the films, Inception and Interstellar.  

Visual art is two. I design and process artwork, submitted by our artists. My most recent work was on our album cover - EP Cosmic Debris. I also design T-Shirts for free earth here

5. We want to ask you what you thought of the last Chill Sessions party? 

The last Chill Sessions was really - chill. With the rain & cool weather, it was a great setting for those who managed to make it. You could say that it was kind of special. It had such a lovely vibe. There's no question whether I'd do it again. 

6. What music plans for the year ahead? 

My musical plan for the year would be organizing and collaborating on more projects. Recently, Free Earth Records had its first release on 15 June 2018. With a 4 track album, by a Japanese artist known as Somabytes. Listen to it here.

Next up, we'll be releasing two special albums. Both are Various Artist Compilations, made up of different artists around the globe. You can follow us on Facebook for more info & updates here.

Thanks so much Bren. We love all of your musical contributions, initiatives and track suggestions. We are super looking forward to attending your future releases and parties.

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