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Japanese glitch hop producer Somabytes launches his debut album Cosmic Debris in Singapore

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

One of our favorite producers Somabytes (real name Dai Nagaike) is releasing his debut EP Cosmic Debris this Friday. We interview the sonic wizard to find out more about his journey.

1. Dai you played a great set at the last Chill Sessions. How did u get into producing music with Ableton and how long have u been for?

Thanks! It was pleasure for me to play at Chill Sessions. I have been producing music over a decade. I started my career as a psytrance DJ, and it took off 2003 in Southern California where I was a dj and member of the legendary festival organization called Psytribe.

It was natural for me to move forward to music production. Around 2004 I started producing in logic, but when I was introduced to Ableton 8 in 2012, I was blown away by their rack thingy, especially racks within the rack....Inception style!! I find Ableton so intuitive, and it has to be instant when you are doing so much micro edits in audio. You do not want to lose your ideas while you are processing. Of course it is fun to get lost…I like happy accidents in production :-) I always try to convert midi into audio and its easy in Ableton.

2. Jupiter is such a brilliant track and Kaibutsu Cluster has got some serious funk going down. We understand you are releasing an album soon with Free Earth Records. Can we know more about the album? How long did it take, is there any concept, is it your first time releasing an album and anything else at all?

Yes, I am releasing a 4 track album with Free Earth. I recently connected…well…actually it was the last Chill Sessions when I really got to talk with Free Earth people, thanks!! I shared my music with them, and they really liked it. They were surprised none of my music (bass influenced downtempo / glitch hop) was on a label so they decided to release my music.

They singled out the tracks according to their direction and tastes. It is a collection of my music in different styles like downtempo, glitch hop, Glitch/IDM. It is hard to say how long it took as some tracks were written a few years back… but usually I complete a tune in 2, 3 weeks...sometimes in 3 days. It is actually my first time releasing my downtempo / IDM / Glitch hop tune however I have quite a few releases on my psytrance project called Cognoscenti in the past

3. Where can we get a copy of the EP and how much is it? 

The EP will be launched on Free Earth's bandcamp page and each track costs 1 Euro (SGD 1.60). Click image below to get access to the tracks

4. Will you be playing the EP live anywhere?

Free Earth is going to throw a party at Great Escape on 22nd June 2018 and I plan to play a few tracks from the EP. Everyone is welcomed to join the event page on the link below

5. What music plans for the year ahead? 

I have been into halftime drum and bass lately. Hope to write more chunky, neuro inclined halftime bass stuff...and play at more parties!!

6. It was your first time playing for chill sessions, what did u think of the party? 

It was very friendly and creative juices flowing get together! Nothing but good vibes. I really enjoyed the sets played by all the performers, but the jamming sessions were extra cool. Thanks for the invitation and hope to join you guys again in the near near future!

Thanks so much Dai. Looking forward to getting a copy of the album and catching you live on the 22nd of June.

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