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Deborah Emmanuel speaks about her new alien show, musical endeavours and more...

1. We've heard about a new alien show coming up. How did you decide to start it? 

I got an email from Story Fest Sydney about an Expression Of Interest I had sent in to be part of their programme this year. Basically my initial proposal wouldn't work and I had to figure out a new one ASAP. In August they said they would have me at the festival with a new solo work. So...I had to write one. The festival was in October. I was still in the middle of finishing my new book Genesis Visual Poetry Collection. Alien Flower In Fundamentalist Fields was just an idea I had. I wrote the blurb for it before I wrote the show. The blurb went on all the publicity material and then I was super stressed out trying to align the blurb with the actual thing before I realised FUCK IT. I would say what I chose to say. The whole thing was written, prepared and rehearsed within 3 weeks. So far the craziest thing I've ever done. But I am so so proud. Shoutout to my boyfriend Jacob for dealing with me in the week leading up to the show and reading lines with me in the bath.

2. Please tell us more about the alien show. What does the name mean? Where and when is it happening? How much and where to buy tickets from?

Ever since I can remember I felt like a weirdo. Sometimes it seems like my whole life was me trying to reconcile myself with this sensation of not belonging. No more. Thankfully I have found other weirdos along the way and through transcendental experiences like meditation and altered states it has become apparent that I'm just like this and it's how I should be. Now I embrace my alien self instead of deny it. This embrace has allowed me to be more free. This show is about many kinds of alienation I've seen within a system that would rather homogeneity as a form of control. I reject and want to fight the system which tries to sedate and distract us from our true selves. The first closed-door showing of Alien Flower In Fundamentalist Fields will happen at The Lab on 1st December. $12 on Peatix. You have to buy your ticket before online as there are no door sales and there is only entry through the door list. Next year I will stage the show publicly so look out for that if you can't make this. 

Get your ticket for $12 For Alien Flower In Fundamentalist Fields on 1st December at 8 pm.

3. You seem to be popping up with shows everywhere. What has been going on for you these days and where can we watch you next? 

I've been popping up more and more, that is true. What it feels like is that years of hard work are producing the inevitable results. The momentum of making is madly slinging opportunity from all directions. My current lesson is in accepting with gratitude; acknowledging that each chance is a gift even though I know I've done the time. I'm also learning about saying no when I should. The most exciting things for me recently have been experiencing new levels of flow state. I'm just a conduit in those moments, it is very clear now. You can check out what my flow state produces at the Live Loop Asia festival at Kult Kafe on 24th and 25th November. I'm doing improvised performances with Randolf Arriola and Mantravine. 

4. You have been a monumental poetry figure and just released a new book. How do you think the scene here has evolved over this year alone? 

I have written poetry ever since I can remember but the truth is that I consume very little. Partly because rarely do I come across poetry that gives me goosebumps. And for me, goosebumps is what it is about! I want to experience art that makes me feel crazy shit. So much is Often I engage with a poem without it giving me any strong feelings. This no longer disappoints me, it just makes me more certain that the best art is in the intersections and that fundamentalism is not for me. That being said, I've seen some great work at Spoke & Bird this year. When I go to open mics now I see loads of faces that are unrecognizable to me. This is rather amazing. The scene is rocketing! More and more young people are DOING IT. It makes me very happy.

5. What musical plans do you have for the year ahead?

Making more music and playing more international shows with Mantravine. Taking live looping improvisation with Randolf Arriola to new levels. Putting out an album with producer Kiat early 2019. Collaborations with the rapper Subhas and indie musician Ashvind. And who knows what else will come my way? I've also got this new album "Electronic Goodness" just released by Chill Sessions Records where i made music by entering into a free flow state.

Take A Listen to Deborah's New Album "Electronic Goodness"

6. You've been a regular feature at Chill Sessions. What do you think of Chill Sessions?

Quite pleased to see how the party has evolved over time. Chill Sessions is a lovely vibe and more new people seem to find each event. It is growing a cool collection of chill individuals. Also I really appreciate knowing that it is a space for my friends and I to support each other, perform new work and float around in beautiful decor with music that doesn't really get played at other parties.

Thanks for sharing your news with us. We look forward to your upcoming shows.

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