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1. We are serving The Soup Kitchen Project by


a) creating awareness about what they do

b) raising funds through donations/tickets

2. Sharing music / art that isn't commercial, has a collaborative quality and synergises electronic & acoustic worlds.

3. Have FUN making music / art

4. Use the Chill Sessions platform to practice and try new things with your art to share with friends and new people.

5. Connect with people, start new conversations, foster collaborations.


1. Each set is 45 mins with 15 mins change over for next set.

2. I would want that all collaborators must meet at least once before the show to test ideas and form communication plans for your set. I  advocate improv with some preparation of ingredients and flow. Not looking for a polished performance.

3. Music should fit within the general musical sphere of Chill Sessions musical vibe - world, jazzy electronic, middle eastern, downtempo, glitch, alternative, weird good / obscure, psy dub, electro swing, gypsy, balkan, psychedelic or foreign cultures that hardly get played like mongolian music, ethiopian jazz, mali music.

4. Choose music that is not easily accessible & avoid tracks that you have used in a past Chill Sessions.

5. As a suggestion I encourage adopting a less is more policy. Work with short addictive loops and milk the melodies, rhythms or textures with effects, scratching, silence, cross fading or anything u feel works. Have fun playing with your frequencies and interacting with your collaborator. Communication is the key.

I trust everyone. If in any doubt please message me a sample or listen to MIXCLOUD from past parties.


5 - 6 pm - Workshop taught by Rupak

6.15 - 6.45 pm - Marc Nair & Mantravine

7 pm - 7.45 pm - Tom, Lalit, Maybe Stew

8 or 8.15 pm - Mantravine

9 or 9.15 pm - Duncan & Randolf Arriola

10 pm - 12 am

Open Jam Set 1 - Tom 40 mins (anyone can join) 

Open Jam Set 2 - Duncan & Rupak via ableton and traktor link



Chill Sessions has a point system based on effort put in to contribute to the party. Hopefully costs will get covered by 50% of the donations and if there is any balance it will go into the income pot.


1. Design and marketing costs for flyer, website , facebook, mailer, copywriting

2. Setup, tear down and spatial design

3. Photography

4. Video

5. Lighting

6. VJ 

7. Projector & Screen rental


Kult and Chill Sessions have a revenue share split based on F&B sales. If it hits a certain target we get a certain amount. This income then gets split amongst performers depending on who plays for how long. Essentially if you play sets, help with marketing  or other tasks you get points. Payment can take a couple of weeks to reach you.

Lets work together to pull a crowd


We are a lot of people so let's pull a crowd because it affects all of our financial well being and we deserve to share our art to as many attentive people as possible. I'll post items every week as promotional news leading up to the show and would love more help.


I will try to send reminders about executing plans. If anyone has a problem with being involved in the marketing, please inform me and I will disregard informing you.

1. I need a team photo ASAP

a) photo of collaborators next to each other or something weird, funny or fun. Adding your instruments or a prop into the photo would be AWESOME.

b) I need a performance tagline with 3 - 4 words or more


Below is a sample of what will happen to the photo and tagline which will be used as fbook, instagram and mailer promo material.


Week 1 - mantravine promo (6th - 10th May) - READY

Week 2 - Tom promo (13th - 17th) - READY SOON

Week 3 - Marc Nair promo (20th - 24th) - Tagline needed

Week 4 - Randolf & Duncan (27th - 31st) - Photo + tagline needed

2. Take a little video

During your rehearsal please take a little video and send to me. 30 seconds to 1 min is more than enough. Don't send me a long video.

Alternatively you can upload and promote the video yourself and tag Chill Sessions and I will post it in the facebook event page.

3. Facebook / Instagram Help

1. Join the facebook event page here as "going"

2. Please post the chill sessions event page image as your facebook cover photo 1 week before the show so more people can know about it. Remember to add the website link so people know how to access it. You can download the image here.

I will send a reminder for this 1 week before event.

2. Please post at least one authentic statement about how

a) you are going to play at Chill Sessions or Kult Kafe

b) how you are doing something new for the first time (eg playing at kult, collaborating with artist, presenting new material)

c) any other details about your set that might be relevant or intriguing for a reader

d) tag anyone relevant in the post

For eg

"I'm playing for the first time a show with gypsy melodies with Mantravine at the next Chill Sessions in Kult Kafe to support The Soup Kitchen Project. Info -"

3. If you run an artist or business page where this information will be relevant please post there too.

4. As co-creators of this experience if you see someone else's please like and share the post to improve visibility of a post.

5. Help us invite at least 20 people who genuinely could be interested in this event. If you want to invite more awesome.

4. Other Ideas

1. If you have a mailing list and you are willing to post stuff there, please let me know. I will provide the content for a mailer.

2. If you have journalist or media contacts you can introduce me to, please do.

3. If you know any effective marketing platforms that you have used in the past with a great event listing site I should be using please let me know.

4. If there are any other ideas, please let me know.

We're off to a good start with almost 300 people interested in the event. Let's collectively take responsibility to make it more kickass. Thanks for reading. Love you all and I'm joyfully looking forward to co creating this party with all of you.

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