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Thank you for joining us. Our events are a space to push knowledge expansion and explore original ways of creating art

Kindly respect this request and do not share this page with others.

This page will take about 10 - 15 minutes of your time and it's super important you read all of it so you don't miss out on making money


Usually we make money through ticket sales and sometimes drink sales

We split profits via a point system to value all the work that is put in to make an event possible - performances, artwork design, copywriting etc.

Once costs get paid off then profits get split according to the points you have earned - cost examples door staff, equipment, photographer etc


Rough idea is 1 point = 1 hour of work

Some specific tasks get points valued differently because the 1 hour logic isn't effective

If you are bringing equipment for usage for the whole event you can either get your taxi transport covered, some fuel for petrol or points.  Your own personal kit to do your show is not covered with points

We trust you to be honest with your points and we believe the universe is always fair  


Below is a video of the point system in action. Take note this video was shot some time ago and the point system evolves as we evolve. The latest info should be in the points document that you will have access to or on this page as you read on.


If you have any doubts about the point system after watching the video please feel free to ask so there is no uncertainty


12 or more points to earn

Each artist gets 10 points for rehearsals and travel. Whether you go over or below 10 hrs is up to you.

Each artist gets 2 points for show transport. 1 point to get to the venue and 1 point back regardless of how close or far you are to the venue.

For performance you get points allocated as per the duration of your set. 45 mins set = 0.75 points, 1 hr set = 1 point, 1.5 hr set = 1.5 points

If you decide to jam on somebody else's set you don't get extra points but if possible we will consider valuing your awesomeness with point/s. Remember to ask if it's ok to jam before joining someone else's set.​


Estimate you will take 10 mins or less with all promo

You can easily earn 30 + points

We put in a lot of time and money into marketing and believe if we market an event together, it brings more people, generates more money for all of us and any causes. We all benefit​.

We request all artists to help us promote the event to support the cause.

The most effective way to bring people is just tell people you are taking part or invite them through personal messages. No points for doing this because there isn't a way to track it but this might evolve over time. 

If you choose not to assist, you will get significantly much less points than members who do help. It works in our favour to be aligned to help out



This will take less than 3 mins

5 - 10 points can be earned

1. A day will be selected where all artists are requested to post the event poster on instagram & facebook - 5 points for completing this post.

2. Post this poster to your stories and add the event ticketing link. Tag @chillsessionsrecords when doing the stories post so we don't forget to  add your points - 5 points for completing the stories post

3. The poster and the day you have to post will be given in the group chat along with a copywriting template that is optional for you to use