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Once upon a time, there lived a psychedelic circus lizard and leopard who longed to dance to ecstatic music they'd never heard before. So they set out on a journey driven by their love for music and dance and arrived at an enchanting sanctuary where they heard that Mantravine and Stellar Jungle were playing.

The lizard and the leopard watched in awe as Mantravine's tribal beats and electro swing grooves enraptured the sanctuary. They couldn't help but sway their bodies to the rhythm dancing in unison with the crowd. Next, they were entranced by Stella Jungle's intricate musical tapestry of saxophones, guitars, bass, drums, and percussion blended together to create a cosmic sound that was other worldly.


After the show, the lizard and the leopard were left with a feeling of euphoria, their souls filled with love and bodies full of energy. They would never forget this magical night, and would always carry the music of Mantravine and Stellar Jungle in their hearts.



Stellar Jungle is the amalgamation of music, brotherhood, and awakening. Stew Bamrah and Sam Daynié took their first steps together in life and in music. Many years later, Stellar Jungle was born from the regeneration of its creators following respective brushes with the otherside. The duo naturally called upon the sought-after drummer also riding the same wave of rebirth, Raphaël Daynié, to bring their eclectic musical universe and homage to life, alive on stage.

The trio fuses live instruments and electronic productions, sparking a
tangible energy that pours through their audience. Their debut album ‘Lumen’ is a mutinous exploration of genres that pays tribute to the musical influences of their youth. Driving beats, funky guitars, thundering didgeridoo and intergalactic synths envelop conscious, uplifting lyrics that celebrate existence. The perfect alchemy for a
cosmic road trip.