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This will take less than 5 mins

10 - 20 points can be earned

This is the most important collateral to share and doing so gets you the highest number of points. We hope you take this on because it will give you a points advantage to complete this simple task

1. One video promo will be created to include all artists involved (unless you were added late to the lineup). Each artist will be scheduled on a specific day to make their video post - 10 points for posting

2. Post the vid promo to your stories, add the event ticketing link and tag @chillsessionsrecords when doing the stories post so we can validate these points. If you forget to tag us we may forget to add the points so don't forget to tag us - 10 points for completing the stories post

3. The video promo and the day you have to post will be given in the group chat along with a copywriting template that is optional to use


1. Sometimes we will add extra promo ​like artist pic promo. ​You will be notified on the possibility to get more points if we do some extra promo. 

2. If you do a self promo post of your rehearsal/s and let people know you are playing at the show we will give you extra 5 - 10 extra points. Just tag @chillsessionsrecords so we can know about it


1. Message if you want to give a hand and help with any of the other work thats involved in getting more points like setup, teardown etc

2. If you have any ideas of other ways to bring more people and sell more tickets please talk to me in private and we can give you some points for doing extra marketing work

In general if you got any questions or suggestions let me know. Love you and thanks for reading

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